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i am...

... Silvia, a graphic and web designer from Barcelona that started a joint project called bye-bye in the small study I have at home. Creativity and technology join forces to create professional and quality works offering my clients the best of what I have.
I accumulated over 10 years of experience working for both companies from different bussines sectors and as a freelance worker.
I value the work well done, with good and innovative proposals. I adapt to the needs of the clients, offering them my advice and letting them be in the whole project development process.

Why choose bye-bye?
Because I am eager to face new challenges, because I thrive in the satisfaction of my clients, because I work fast and efficiently, because our competitive prices adapt to the current times and other reasons that we hope you can check by yourselves.

“Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth”. Arquímedes (Siracusa, 287 a.C.- 212 a.C.)